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Residential Services

Our company provides superior insulation for residential clients. The experts at Attic Insulation of the Midsouth in Memphis TN will completely fill the cracks and crevices as well as voids around the plumbing, which will lower the air infiltration and drafts. As a result, less energy will be required to heat and cool your home. This leads to significantly lower energy bills.

Low Noise and More Comfort

Our insulation will fill the construction voids in your home, which restricts the air movement. This lowers the transfer of sound from one room to the other and from the outside. In addition, our services will ensure that the temperature in all rooms remains consistent.

Attic Insulation of the MidsouthBase Insulation Package:

  • 1/ 2 Inch Nominal Foam North and East Walls
  • Install R13 Kraft Faced Batts on Exterior Walls
  • Slopes Install Flex Vents and R30 Kraft Faced Batts
  • Flats /Sub-Flooring between Heated and Non-Heated Install R30 Kraft Faced Batts
  • Blow R30 Value over Heated Space of Home
  • Caulk /Foam Seal T’s Corners Base Plates and Permeations around Plumbing and Electrical
  • Sound Batts around Master Suite/Laundry/1/2 Bath


  • Add Tyvek House Wrap to Open Walls of Bonus Room
  • Add House Wrap to Open Attic Walls of Main Home
  • Add 1/ 2 Inch Foam to Other Walls Open and Exterior Walls
  • Foam Angles /Kneewalls Media
  • R19 Unfaced Batts Between Heated Floors
  • Exterior Garage Walls Install R13 Kraft Faced Batts
  • Garage Ceiling Install R19 Kraft Faced Batts in Areas not between Heated and On Heated Space

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Get in touch with us today for quick and efficient services at great prices. We use high-quality products made from fiberglass and cellulose (recycled newsprint).

  • Why Choose Us

    Licensed, insured and certified company with more than 30 years of experience in the insulation industry.
    Attic Insulation of the Midsouth
    We use only eco-friendly products and quality products, which will serve you for years to come.
    Attic Insulation of the Midsouth
    Our expert services will lower energy bills, reduce noise and create a relaxing atmosphere at your home or office.
    Attic Insulation of the Midsouth
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